since 2014

We are motivated by the children of today who will be the adults of tomorrow. It moves us to help them design, create and transform their world through creativity and technology. There are no limits. There is nothing that a child cannot do.


CLOQQ is a social initiative of fun-learning for children to give free rein to their imagination. Through creative technologies they are motivated to create what they want and they strengthen their self-confidence by facing problem solving and taking their own projects forward. In CLOQQ, they are stimulated to express their ideas and to develop their skills to share them. We help them to move from being to doing, from looking to inventing, from expecting to dreaming.

Start creating


Children learning to use creative technologies is important; as is Children developing their own ideas, solving the problems that are holding them back and feeling creative. CLOQQ helps to develop these skills, but it also promotes other social abilities associated with this mentality, such as feeling confident to share an idea, to form a part of a community, to work in a team and to assimilate the experiences of others to apply them to their own creations and to construct positively.

Express their own ideas and share them with others

Better understand the world around them

Develop their creativity and innovation

Strengthen their self-confidence

Work in teams

Face unexpected problems that they resolve with their own resources and imagination


CLOQQ is inspired on the work of educational investigation of prestigious institutions such as the MIT Media Lab, focusing on the learning model called Creative Learning. We combine technology and science with art and design in significant and motivating projects for the children, which are very connected with the maker movement.



CLOQQ is a social initiative that wants children to be able to change the world through creative technologies. There are no barriers. It is for everybody, and that is why every child, of any age and place, is welcome.